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Once upon a time...

And they lived happily ever after.

My life in a nutshell: I bake a lot in my free time. I love food. :) It makes me happy and keeps me occupied. I am an 80's child. I am married, have a full-time job, and don't have kids. I have 2 fur babies, Gigi and Nano, my kitties. I have been happily married for almost 3 years now. :) I work insane hours. I complain about work a lot on here. I started using my LJ account for something to do on my very long night shifts. It is now blocked at work, but I still try to update on my free time. I try to keep my entries pretty positive, but sometimes it's hard. I have an easier time complaining.

I paint and draw when I am feeling inspired. My house is full of my paintings. Most of the art in our house was presents I made for my husband, when he got his first apartment several years ago.
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